That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Season 1

Oct. 02, 2018
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Satoru Mikami is a typical company employee, who’s completely content material along with his monotonous way of life. One day, he falls sufferer to a random assailant on the streets and is stabbed. However, whereas succumbing to his accidents, a peculiar voice echoes in his thoughts which the dying man can not make sense of. He regains consciousness solely to discovers that he has reincarnated as a slime in one other world. He has additionally acquired newfound expertise—the facility to devour something and mimic its look and talents. He then stumbles upon the Catastrophe-level monster “Storm Dragon” Veldora who had been sealed away for a few years. Satoru befriends him, promising to help in destroying the seal. In return, Veldora bestows upon him the identify Rimuru Tempest to grant him divine safety. Now, liberated from his previous life, Rimuru embarks on a new journey with a distinct objective in thoughts. As he grows accustomed to his new physique, his gooey antics ripple all through the world, step by step altering his destiny.

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