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Raise An Evangelion Tamagotchi

Evangelion is collaborating Together with the Tamagotchi toy line to make “All-Purpose Egg-Kind Battle Weapons Evatchi” toys, which will allow buyers to lift about twenty varieties of Angels. There will be a few different types of Evatchi, each dependant on the most crucial figures from the series: the Eva-00 Prototype, the Eva-01 Exam Variety, along with the Eva-02 Manufacturing Model.

There’s some attention-grabbing lore round the Evatchis. The units are apparently filled with LCL, the fictional liquid depicted during the sequence which allow an Eva pilot to mentally connection with their device. In the case of your Evatchis, the LCL lets to keep up existence. In the event the LCL will get dirty, You have to clean it. You also feed your Angels by offering them S² (Super Solenoid) Engines, the source of their power. If the Angels happen to be absolutely elevated, they can make an A.T. Industry.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Tamagotchi to be Released in 2020 - Japan ...

Like other Tamagotchi toys, the method of acquiring Each and every of your Angels will rely on the way you raise them. Along with the around 20 forms of Angels, the Formal Internet site teases the possibility of elevating Rei and Kaworu in addition.

In addition there are mini-game titles attached on the device. It is possible to have interaction in “Battle Instruction” in which you make your Angel escape from the Spear of Longinus or from N² bombs. There is also a match based on Shinji’s well-known line: “Focus on in the middle, pull the swap.” At regular intervals, the screen will Show strange exercise, and you’ll watch well-known scenes and well known characters.

The Evatchis will go on sale in toy stores all over Japan on June 16. Each individual machine will Value 2,530 yen (around US$23). They may be purchased from Bandai’s online storefront Premium Bandai.

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