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Psycho-Pass Mysteries AR Release Date

The Psycho-Pass series is getting puzzle-solving game utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) technology next year. The game will be based in Shibuya. Players will use the AR function on their smartphones and walk around the city to gather clues and solve puzzles. The event will run from January 21 to June 30.

The story of the puzzle-solving game is as follows:

In the year 211X, reports came of a biochemical attack in the S ward in Tokyo under the Sybil System. The player is a candidate for Inspector under the Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division. You will go to the scene of the crime with Shinya Kōgami and Akane Tsunemori. When you solve the mysteries and uncover the hidden truth, you'll ask, "What is justice?"

The game will feature an original character named Tadashi Kamino, an instructor under the Public Safety Bureau. He will be in charge of tutoring the player and will give you shooting lessons with the Dominator gun, which is carried out on your smartphone.

The game’s duration is 120 minutes. It will cost 2,900 yen (US$26) to participate on weekdays, and 3,400 yen (US$31) to participate on weekends. The game was developed by Pretia Technologies and organized by Fuji TV’s Digital Design department in anticipation of the upcoming film in spring 2020. The game’s starting place will be in third floor of the Okazaki building in Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku 2-14-13.

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