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Kadokawa’s Maesetsu! Cast Lineup

The official website for Kadokawa’s original anime Maesetsu! revealed the main cast on Friday. The cast, organized by their respective duos, includes: (Note: character name romanizations are not confirmed.)

Aguri Ōnishi as Fubuki Kitakaze (Tokonatsu)
Naomi Ōzora as Mafuyu Kogarashi (Tokonatsu)
Hiromi Igarashi as Rin Shinya (R凸)
Sakura Nakamura as Nayuta Asōgi (R凸)
Yūki Takada as Manatsu Kogarashi (Tsundora)
Nozomi Furuki as Kanae Kanenari (Tsundora)
Asuka Aida as Eru Kusaba (JK Cool)
Ayaka Shimizu as Arashi Waraino (JK Cool)
Junki Tomita as self (Freak!)
Ubu no Hatsuna as self (Freak!)
Masatake Yamamoto as self (BANBANBAN)
Hiromi Sameshima as self (BANBANBAN)
Risako Murai as Hajime Chūkan, Nayuta's older sister
Seirou Ogino as Carlos Ali
Kentarō Tone as manager
Rei Shimoda as Aunt Keiko

Yuu Nobuta (High School Fleet, A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd) is directing the anime at Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ.

Mugendai∞ is credited with the original work, and Lucky Star manga author Kagami Yoshimizu is credited with the original illustrations. Touko Machida (DIVE!!, Wake Up, Girls!) is in charge of series composition, and she is writing the scripts with Shōta Gotō and Joe Itou (Nichijō, Lucky Star). Katsuzo Hirata (Ben-To, Angel Beats!) is designing the characters for the anime. Masaru Koseki (Ms. Koizumi loves ramen noodles, Demon King Daimao) and Naoki Yamauchi (animation director for Bleach, Chronicles of the Going Home Club) are the chief animation directors.

Yoshimizu is drawing a four-panel manga for the project, and also drew the above visual for the project.

The project centers on four girls at the height of their youth, attempting to achieve their dreams even as they struggle gallantly.

Yoshimizu put his Lucky Star manga on hiatus in 2014 due to a “new project” that was then under planning. Until then, the manga had been running in Comptiq since the magazine’s January 2004 issue. Kadokawa has so far published 10 volumes for the manga.

Sources: Maesetsu! anime’s website

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