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HushAnime Update

Whats been going on everyone?

No news updates and no new store items lately?
WELL, we did take a little break, BUT, we also have some great news!

For the past month, we’ve been collaborating with other retailers and finding out the best solution to make sure everyone can find what they want and in saying that, we have acquired some new suppliers!!!

The new suppliers ship straight from Japan and the quality is 10/10!

We are still keeping most of our old suppliers, but we now have supplies coming from China, Russia, UK, Australia AND Japan!

It will take abit of time to restructure the shop, but just hang in there, we will get it all back together and all in perfect condition for your buying needs!

a Few news updates are definitly coming, and we can see you enjoy our quizes quite alot, so some new quizes are inbound too!

Stay tuned!


  • I enjoy looking at your web site. Thanks!

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