G-On Riders Review

AuthorSeptember 10, 2020

AKA: G-on らいだーすGenre: Sci-fi comedyLength: Television sequence, 13 episodes, 23 minutes eachDistributor: Currently unlicensed in North AmericaContent Rating: 16+ (violence, fan service, innuendo)Related Series: N/AAlso Recommended: Najica Blitz Tactics, Nurse Witch Komugi-chan, Puni Puni PoemyNotes: Rating: G-On Riders


The world is being invaded by enemies from area! Only, the invasion is being carried out by a subcontractor who shouldn’t be solely inept, however over price range and delayed.
Just as properly then that the world’s solely hope is a faculty that hides a secret: it is truly a fortress the place schoolgirls are in a position to “Resonate” (no matter which means) and summon magical swords with the facility of their eyeglasses.
This program is dropped at you by the sponsorship of LensCrafters and Hanes Her Way.

By the time you see a panty shot of somebody carrying short-pants, you understand that this present caters particularly to 2 kinds of viewers (which, oddly sufficient, cross over pretty considerably in anime fandom):
Guys who like ladies with glasses.
Guys who wish to see panties.
From the synopsis, you possibly can clearly inform that G-On Riders shouldn’t be a virtuoso work of animation. Intelligence is clearly not the phrase one makes use of to explain this sequence — the principle characters are hopelessly mind useless, and the gimmicky inclusion of a “nun” named Sera provides extra proof that the Japanese haven’t any idea of the Catholic clergy as greater than glorified Halloween costumes. (To the creators’ credit score, additionally they deal with the Japanese shrine maiden character with about the identical stage of seriousness.)
The sheer stage of obsessiveness with meganekko (the Japanese time period for “girls with glasses”) and their undergarments is solely astounding. The animators made positive that each single woman on this sequence wears glasses. It’s a lecherous optometrist’s moist dream.
You must surprise if there actually is any redeeming worth on this complete present … and there may be. The invaders (a bunch of incompetent and ridiculously cute little alien twelve-year-olds driving mecha referred to as, of all issues, “Fancy Beasts”) are completely hilarious, and go a good distance in making up for the largely vapid protagonists.
As lengthy as you do not take this sequence severely in any respect by any means, it’s possible you’ll discover that G-On Riders is definitely fairly entertaining and enjoyable. It does fall into the quandary of many entries in its style — is it genuinely humorous as a result of it is a parody, or is it so cliched that it has develop into self-parody? With the entire Cosmo-Banchou cyborg side and the completely and completely unsuitable ultimate episode, I’m inclined to suppose two issues. It’s in all probability the previous, and if not, who cares?

While it isn’t one thing it’s best to watch for those who really feel that each one anime should attempt in direction of mental content material, G-On Riders is hilarious, and really, very magical. That particular form of magical that will provide the munchies. — Carlos Ross

Recommended Audience: This present is really useful for older teenagers and up attributable to some violence and excessive quantities of fan service.

Version(s) Viewed: digital supply

Review Status: Partial (7/13)
G-On Riders © 2002 Katsuzo / G-On Project / Big West / Wowow

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