Pokémon: 23x9

Finding a Legend!

Ash and Goh head to Ecruteak City in Johto to analyze rumors of a Ho-Oh sighting, and once they arrive, they see one thing that appears like Ho-Oh flying within the sky! But it’s really an imitation created by a boy named Chad, whose grandfather Jaye has been unsuccessfully looking for the Legendary Pokémon for years. Jaye has grow to be satisfied that Ho-Oh isn’t actual, however Ash is aware of in any other case. Our heroes accompany Chad and Jaye to the highest of Bell Tower, the place they name out for Ho-Oh. Nothing occurs, however simply as Ash, Goh, and Chad begin to go away, Jaye takes one final look towards the sky…and at last sees Ho-Oh for himself!

Pokémon: 23×9
Jan. 19, 2020
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