Pokémon: 23x5

Mind-Boggling Dynamax!

It’s time for analysis fellows Ash and Goh to discover the Galar area’s Wild Area, identified for Dynamax—a phenomenon through which Pokémon can develop to many occasions their regular measurement. Our heroes’ prepare trip there’s crammed with anticipation…and that mischievous Scorbunny has secretly come alongside for the trip. They come throughout a Snorlax who instantly grows to gigantic measurement and sprawls throughout a railroad crossing, nonetheless quick asleep! As the prepare speeds towards them, Scorbunny reveals as much as assist. Working collectively, they get the Dynamax Snorlax out of the best way within the nick of time—and Scorbunny convinces Goh to grow to be its Trainer!

Pokémon: 23×5
Dec. 15, 2019
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