Pokémon: 22x9

Parallel Friendships!

After touring to an unfamiliar place, Ash encounters the Pokémon School in ruins. The mysterious Dia explains that Ash should be from a parallel world, the place the Alola area hasn’t been destroyed. After convincing Zeraora to assist Pikachu practice, Ash groups up with Dia to pressure Guzzlord again to its personal world by an Ultra Wormhole. Zeraora and Pikachu use highly effective assaults in opposition to Guzzlord’s weak spot, but it surely isn’t sufficient. Then, the parallel world’s Tapu Koko seems and allows them to make use of their Z-Moves once more, and it really works! Guzzlord is banished, and for the primary time, Dia sees hope for his world as Ash returns to his personal.

Pokémon: 22×9
Jul. 15, 2019
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