Pokémon: 22x46

Final Rivals!

On the evening earlier than the Finals, Hanako, Barri-chan and Professor Okibo arrive at Manolo to cheer for Satoshi. The wild Meltan additionally arrive, and with their assist, to everybody’s shock, Meltan evolves into Melmetal! The subsequent day is the last word showdown between two robust rivals … Satoshi vs. Gladio! This time, it is a 3-on-Three match. For their first Pokemon, Gladio chooses Silvally and for Satoshi Melmetal makes its battle debut! Unfortunately, Silvally is just too robust and Melmetal is defeated. Satoshi sends in Pikachu, who defeats Silvally. Gladio sends in Lugarugan … however there’s one thing not fairly proper about Lugarugan.

Pokémon: 22×46
Sep. 08, 2019
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