Pokémon: 22x44

Getting Down to the Ire!

The Kaki/Gladio battle continues, with Bakugames now dealing with Glazio’s Silvally, however will Kaki’s Z-move be sufficient to win the battle? With Satoshi inspiring each of them, who is aware of? Then comes the match everybody’s on the sting of their seats for … one other 2-on-2, and it is Satoshi vs. Guzma! But Guzma’s supposedly by no means been defeated! First out for Guzma is Hassam, and Satoshi chooses Nyaheat. Just because the battle will get began, Guzma switches out and brings in Gusokumusha, however when Nyaheat begins to get the higher hand, Gusokumusha makes use of Crisis Prevention to forcibly switch-out with Hassam, who takes main harm, stunning everybody together with Guzma! What’s with Gusokumusha? And simply how lengthy can Rocket-Dan’s robot-Yareyuutan preserve Kiteruguma and Nuikoguma in that scorching spring?

Pokémon: 22×44
Aug. 25, 2019
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