Pokémon: 22x40

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Strategy

Rowlet is decided to battle Decidueye in Ash’s Alola Pokémon League quarterfinals match towards Hau, however first it wants some extra coaching. And simply within the nick of time, Toucannon and its flock arrive to show Rowlet a brand new transfer! Meanwhile, at Manalo Stadium, Gladion and his Lycanroc defeat James and Mareanie…after which Ash is up subsequent! Rowlet enters the battlefield wearing a Decidueye costume, which finally ends up changing into a decoy towards the actual Decidueye’s Sinister Arrow Raid assault! With Rowlet nonetheless standing, how will the remainder of the match play out?

Pokémon: 22×40
Jul. 28, 2019
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