Pokémon: 22x37

Battle Royale 151!!

The Alola Pokémon League is underway, and it guarantees to be stuffed with motion, drama, and surprises! The qualifying spherical is a Battle Royal competitors amongst 151 totally different Trainers, and solely the highest 16 will make it to the subsequent stage! A free-for-all ensues, with our heroes battling towards and alongside pleasant rivals like Pikala and Hiroki in addition to returning foes like Viren’s cronies and Plumeria from Team Skull. When the dizzying motion lastly winds down, your complete Pokémon School class, Hau, Gladion, and even a disguised Team Rocket are amongst these left standing! Now, the query is: who will make all of it the best way to the highest?

Pokémon: 22×37
Jul. 07, 2019
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