Pokémon: 22x29

A Recipe for Success!

When the Family Restaurant runs out of Big Mushrooms, Mallow visits Oranguru’s place within the forest to ask for extra. When she arrives, she finds Meowth searching for some peace and quiet, however the place shortly turns into busy with Pokémon prospects. Mallow decides to remain and assist Oranguru, and she or he prepares delicious meals and drinks for all types of Pokémon. When Tapu Koko seems to be a type of prospects, she prepares a particular dish for the Island Guardian. Thrilled with its meal, Tapu Koko presents Mallow with a Grassium Z, and Oranguru offers her a Z-Ring! Now all our heroes have Z-Rings of their very own!

Pokémon: 22×29
May. 12, 2019
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