Pokémon: 22x27

A High-Speed Awakening!

Sophocles and Vikavolt are getting into a Vikavolt race! When they arrive, Sophocles learns that his rival Horacio can be competing along with his newly advanced Vikavolt. The entrants get off to a rousing begin, however when Sophocles enters the cave route, his worry of the darkish leaves him petrified. Vikavolt provides him help, main him to comprehend that if his Pokémon is set to press on, he could be brave as effectively. After an interruption by Team Rocket, the race is again on, and Sophocles wins by a nostril! He receives a Buginium Z as a prize, and Hapu follows up by giving him a Z-Ring!

Pokémon: 22×27
Apr. 28, 2019
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