Pokémon: 22x26

Aiming for the Top Floor!

Having realized concerning the Kantonian Gym in Malie City from their new good friend Charlie Charma, Ash and the gang determine to go to it, however whereas the fitness center is meant to be like a Kanto Gym, the foundations aren’t fairly the identical: a challenger has to face one of many three Gym Trainers AND Charlie on every ground in a “game” with the intention to attain the highest ground. After solely Ash and Kiawe make it to the highest ground they discover that the “Gym Leader”, Dragon-type Trainer Ryuki, has a “rock star” battle type which rapidly defeats Kiawe’s Marowak. Rowlet begins off for Ash, however when Meltan jumps in to assist its good friend, it turns into a double-battle!

Pokémon: 22×26
Pokémon: 22×26
Apr. 21, 2019
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