Pokémon: 22x24

The Secret Princess!

Since their Poni Island expertise made them understand that their father Mohn continues to be alive, Lillie and Gladion return to Aether Paradise and undergo their father’s papers, hoping to search out some clues. Back on the household mansion, Lusamine reveals them Mohn’s previous workplace, the place Lillie discovers her father’s previous Z-Ring and the inoperative Mythical Pokémon Magearna. Lillie goes to Kahuna Hala and asks for permission to make use of her father’s Z-Ring, and so they have a battle to see if Lillie can grasp Z-Moves. Will Lillie and Gladion study something new about their father’s whereabouts, and what’s Magearna’s connection to Mohn and Lillie?

Pokémon: 22×24
Apr. 07, 2019
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