Pokémon: 22x14

Evolving Research!

As our heroes proceed their analysis initiatives, Sophocles needs to assist Charjabug evolve. The pair set off to Vast Poni Canyon and encounter Horacio, who needs his personal Charjabug to evolve first. But when Horacio leads to hazard, Sophocles’s Charjabug springs into rescue mode and evolves into Vikavolt! Meanwhile, Lana has her coronary heart set on coaching, however she’s dissatisfied as a result of her mentor, Ida, is about to depart Poni Island. Still, Popplio and Sandy have enjoyable taking part in with Ida’s Primarina, and when Lana decides to indicate Ida what she’s able to, Popplio evolves into Brionne! As congratulations, Ida provides Lana her personal Primarium Z and encourages her to proceed coaching.

Pokémon: 22×14
Pokémon: 22×14
Jul. 23, 2019
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