Pokémon: 21x7

Faba's Revenge!

Lillie can contact Pokémon once more! While our heroes have a good time, a disgraced Faba is set to show himself to Lusamine by summoning an Ultra Beast—the identical one which threatened Lillie years earlier than. He kidnaps Nebby and convinces it to teleport him into his analysis lab at Aether Paradise. Ash, Gladion, Lillie, and Lusamine go after Faba, arriving simply as a panicked Nebby transforms right into a chrysalis and the Ultra Wormhole begins to open! The Ultra Beast often known as UB-01 Symbiont emerges and assaults Lillie—however Lusamine throws herself in entrance of her daughter, and the Ultra Beast engulfs her as a substitute and takes her again via the wormhole!

Pokémon: 21×7
Nov. 16, 2017
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