Pokémon: 21x45

Full Moon and Many Arms!

The Ultra Guardians spring into motion to guard Lunala from the mysterious creature who has chased it via the Ultra Wormhole! UB Black (as Lusamine later calls it) drains the ability from Lunala’s Ultra Aura, then fastens itself onto the Legendary Pokémon to soak up it! Our heroes handle to struggle it off with the assistance of Solgaleo, however the creature turns an identical assault on Solgaleo, absorbing it and escaping via an Ultra Wormhole. As Lunala recovers its power, the Ultra Guardians promise to do the whole lot they will to rescue Solgaleo—and the kahunas put together for a pageant celebrating a photo voltaic eclipse!

Pokémon: 21×45
Aug. 30, 2018
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