Pokémon: 21x4

A Masked Warning!

When Ash offers Lycanroc a shower, an unintentional splash of soiled water unleashes Lycanroc’s surprisingly red-hot mood! Then, when our hero wonders aloud what Gladion is as much as, Nebby teleports Ash and Pikachu to him. They meet Silvally, a Pokémon created to defeat Ultra Beasts—and Gladion is satisfied that Nebby is one! Suspicious, Gladion desires to know what Ash is as much as, and our hero suggests a battle so he can discover out! Ash’s Dusk Form Lycanroc faces off in opposition to Gladion’s Silvally. Lycanroc battles magnificently, however one other mood tantrum betrays its inexperience, and Silvally wins. But Gladion decides Ash is reliable, and their friendship begins to develop…

Pokémon: 21×4
Oct. 26, 2017
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