Pokémon: 21x35

Twirling With a Bang!

Ash is again on Melemele Island, watching a fireworks show together with his Pokémon School classmates. Toward the top of the present, a wierd creature begins creating much more fireworks … by making its personal head explode! The subsequent day, Lusamine summons the Ultra Guardians to take care of this Ultra Beast! When our heroes go after it, they uncover a second Ultra Beast, and the 2 creatures face off, flinging fireworks and sparks round so nobody can get shut. At Ash’s suggestion, the Ultra Guardians stage their very own fireworks present, combining their Pokémon’s strikes into a stunning show that distracts the Ultra Beasts lengthy sufficient to catch them!

Pokémon: 21×35
Pokémon: 21×35
Jun. 07, 2018
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