Pokémon: 21x27

The Young Flame Strikes Back!

Kiawe and his household are doing their day by day chores when a limousine comes roaring up and a big crude-talking man named Viren emerges together with his Electivire, asserting that he needs to purchase the farm and switch it right into a resort! Naturally his supply is refused and he leaves, promising that they’re going to change their minds. Later, the household discover that Viren’s company has purchased the close by land and dammed up the stream that gives water to the farm! When Ash and the others discover out, they instantly wish to assist and go away for Akala Island. At the farm, they discover that the farm’s fences have been intentionally damaged and the farm’s Miltank are free. Kiawe accuses Viren of sabotage and challenges him to a battle with Kiawe’s Marowak towards Viren’s Electivire. However, after Turtonator is injured defending Mimo and Kiawe’s Z-Move with Marowak fails, Electivire defeats Marowak. That night time, Kiawe confesses to Marowak that the Z-Move failed as a result of Kiawe did not imagine in Marowak, and he guarantees to belief Marowak. The subsequent day, Viren returns and Kiawe challenges him once more, with the farm on the road. This time, the Z-Move Inferno Overdrive succeeds and Marowak defeats Electivire. Viren is about to have his bulldozers destroy the farm when Officer Jenny of Akala Island arrives and arrests Viren for fraud, trespassing and malicious destruction of property.

Pokémon: 21×27
Apr. 19, 2018
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