Pokémon: 21x26

Rise and Shine, Starship!

Sophocles is out tenting together with his mother and father and Pokémon at Bamboo Hill when he finds a wierd metallic object buried within the floor. Remembering a folktale, he believes it to be the legendary spaceship Celestial Starship. The subsequent day, after he tells his classmates about it, they go there and see it for themselves. After an unsuccessful try to dig it up, they return to highschool, the place they’re contacted by Lusamine about an Ultra Beast having been detected. Sophocles is shocked to find that the Pokémon he found is a Celesteela, and so they decide to return it dwelling. Attempts to catch it in a Beast Ball show unsuccessful as it’s firmly rooted down. Team Rocket makes an attempt to catch Celesteela because the Ultra Guardians attempt to shield it, and Team Rocket is sort of incinerated as Celesteela begins to launch itself. After the Ultra Guardians create a protected launch space, they watch Celesteela fly dwelling.

Pokémon: 21×26
Apr. 12, 2018
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