Pokémon: 21x25

Real Life...Inquire Within!

Ash is on his approach to the Pokémon Center with Pikachu, Rotom and Poipole for the college’s work expertise program when he’s stopped by the Team Skull grunts, who problem him to a battle. The 3-on-1 battle backfires when one thing goes incorrect with Zipp’s Garbodor’s Venom Shock and Team Skull is compelled to retreat. At the Center, the Nurse Joy that works there has a nasty chilly, so Ash and the others determine to do her duties for her. With some minor hiccups (akin to a mix-up about Pokémon Center uniforms and an surprising supply to Team Rocket’s meals truck), issues go properly, however Zipp retains displaying up, apparently searching for remedy for his Garbodor, who’s affected by Poison Clog. The gang aren’t certain learn how to assist Garbodor, however Nurse Joy seems and takes change of treating Garbodor with their assist. By night, Garbodor has been cured, however the Nurse Joy who handled Garbodor seems to be a sister of the now-recovered Nurse Joy.

Pokémon: 21×25
Apr. 05, 2018
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