Pokémon: 21x20

Pushing the Fiery Envelope!

The mysterious Masked Royal and his associate Incineroar star within the Battle Royal, an Alolan custom wherein 4 Pokémon battle till the final one standing is the winner. Ash, watching on TV, can’t wait to get in on the motion—and the following day, he will get his probability! At the Battle Royal Dome, Ash’s Litten costs proper into the ring, decided to tackle the spectacular Incineroar. The Masked Royal accepts Litten’s problem and invitations Sophocles and Kiawe to spherical out the 4. He defeats all of them, however Litten is fired up—and through an sudden rematch the following day, it evolves into Torracat!

Pokémon: 21×20
Pokémon: 21×20
Feb. 22, 2018
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