Pokémon: 21x14

The Dex Can't Help It!

Rotom Dex is worked up to house-sit whereas Ash and the professors buy groceries. But chaos ensues when a washer is mistakenly delivered—and there’s a Wash Rotom inside! Somehow, the Wash Rotom finally ends up inside Ash’s Pokédex, and Rotom Dex takes its place within the washer. After a collection of unintended type adjustments, and even a while spent inside a TV, Rotom Dex yearns to be again contained in the consolation of the Pokédex. It lastly succeeds, however not for lengthy—after a giant shock from Pikachu, Rotom Dex by accident inhabits your complete Pokémon Center!

Pokémon: 21×14
Jan. 11, 2018
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