Pokémon: 21x13

Let Sleeping Pokémon Lie!

Our heroes are curious concerning the origins (and sleep habits) of Principal Samson Oak’s companion Komala. After telling the scholars how they met, Samson exhibits off Komala’s spectacular talent at battling in its sleep! They get one other lesson in sleep when Jigglypuff exhibits up on the Pokémon School! As at all times, its track makes everybody sleep, and so they wake with indignant scribbles on their faces…everybody besides Komala. That provides Samson an concept… When Jigglypuff returns, Komala joins it in track. This makes Jigglypuff go to sleep, and Komala doodles on its face! Rather than being grumpy when it wakes up, Jigglypuff appears to suppose that is hilarious. Komala has a brand new buddy!

Pokémon: 21×13
Dec. 28, 2017
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