Pokémon: 20x43

When Regions Collide!

Our heroes go to the Cerulean Gym, the place the Alola college students get their first style of a Gym battle! Mallow and Lana problem Misty, who praises their battle instincts after her victory. Next, Sophocles and Lillie face Brock and his Geodude—and Sophocles forgets that the Kanto Geodude is a Ground kind, so his Electric-type strikes gained’t work! Kiawe’s Turtonator goes up towards Brock’s Steelix, and each Trainers present their full energy as Steelix Mega Evolves and Turtonator makes use of a Z-Move. Finally, it’s Ash and Pikachu vs. Misty and Gyarados, identical to outdated occasions! Misty additionally makes use of Mega Evolution, however Pikachu’s Z-Move manages to take down the mighty Mega Gyarados!

Pokémon: 20×43
Sep. 21, 2017
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