Pokémon: 20x41

Mounting an Electrifying Charge!

Sophocles has needed to enter a Charjabug race for a very long time, and now with Ash and Kiawe on his group, he lastly can! The enormous occasion options robust rivals, together with the boastful Red Comet group and a disguised Team Rocket. Red Comet is favored to win, and it begins out robust! But when it’s time to confront an enormous sheet of ice, everybody has issues—apart from a quick-thinking Sophocles, who makes use of his Charjabug’s String Shot transfer to take care of traction. As Red Comet appears to be like on in horror, the Sophocles Lab group reaches the end line and turns into the completely happy winner!

Pokémon: 20×41
Sep. 07, 2017
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