Pokémon: 20x38

Mimikyu Unmasked!

When Team Rocket pounces, Ash is happy to point out off his new Z-Move, however Lycanroc can’t fairly make it work. After Kiawe steps as much as ship the villains blasting off once more, Jessie and Mimikyu land in a shopping center—and Mimikyu’s disguise is torn! Jessie thinks that is the proper alternative to get Mimikyu a brand new outfit, but it surely simply isn’t all for altering its look. She lastly agrees to fix the ripped fabric, and once they battle once more, Mimikyu truly listens to Jessie’s instructions! Unfortunately for them, Lycanroc has been coaching laborious, and it performs an ideal Z-Move that sends them blasting again to Bewear!

Pokémon: 20×38
Aug. 17, 2017
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