Pokémon: 20x36

Trials and Determinations!

The day of Ash’s grand trial in opposition to Kahuna Olivia is lastly right here, and it’s a Double Battle! Olivia’s Probopass and Lycanroc face off in opposition to Ash’s Rowlet and a unusually aggressive Rockruff. After Olivia units a lure on the battlefield, Ash instructs Rowlet to seize Rockruff by the scruff of the neck to allow them to fly above it. They defeat Probopass, however Rockruff lashes out at Rowlet and knocks it out! Rockruff feels horrible about this however quickly regains its focus and takes Lycanroc down. Ash wins the grand trial and the Rock-type Z-Crystal, and Olivia has an evidence for Rockruff’s unusually aggressive conduct—she thinks it’s going to evolve quickly!

Pokémon: 20×36
Aug. 03, 2017
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