Pokémon: 20x27

A Glaring Rivalry!

A coach named Gladion, wearing black, battling with a robust fiery-eyed Lycanroc and carrying a Z-ring, has appeared on Melemele Island. After seeing them in motion, Ash naturally needs to battle Gladion; nonetheless, he is completely shocked when Lillie seems and calls Gladion her brother. Gladion appears chilly in direction of Lillie and at first refuses Ash’s problem, however then learns that Ash bought his Z-ring from Tapu Koko and had really battled the Island Guardian. That evening, Gladion’s Umbreon delivers a observe to Ash agreeing to battle. It’s Ash’s Rockruff versus Gladion’s Lycanroc! However, Team Rocket, who noticed Gladion defeat the Team Skull grunts earlier, cannot resist getting concerned. Ash and Gladion should work collectively to rescue Pikachu and Lycanroc.

Pokémon: 20×27
May. 18, 2017
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