Pokémon: 20x18

A Seasoned Search!

Mallow invitations her classmates to her restaurant to style her model of Alola’s legendary stew; sadly, her use of Pikachu’s electrical shock to prepare dinner it does not go over so nicely. It seems that she is lacking an essential ingredient: the uncommon Saffron honey, so Ash and Pikachu resolve to assist Mallow collect some honey. Their plan is to make use of an Oricorio to search out it, however discovering one will not be really easy. Meanwhile, Ash’s Rowlet appears to have developed emotions for Mallow’s Bounsweet, however the emotions usually are not reciprocated. Team Rocket turns up as soon as once more, however this time as a substitute of stealing Pikachu they plan to steal the Saffron honey. However, their interference causes Bounsweet to evolve right into a Steenee with a devastating slap assault.

Pokémon: 20×18
Mar. 16, 2017
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