Pokémon: 20x16

They Might Not Be Giants!

While coaching on a seashore, Lana’s Popplio and Ash’s Rowlet are caught inside considered one of Popplio’s balloons, which is blown away by a robust wind. Rowlet bursts the balloon open, they usually each crash into Team Rocket’s secret base. Meowth and Mareanie chase after them, however they’re rescued by Litten. While Ash, Lana, and Mallow seek for the lacking pair, Litten takes them to the place it has been staying with the previous Stoutland. Stoutland asks Litten to assist them discover their trainers; nevertheless, Team Rocket can be looking them. Who will discover Litten and the misplaced Pokémon pair first?

Pokémon: 20×16
Mar. 02, 2017
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