Pokémon: 20x13

Racing to a Big Event!

Mallow tells Ash concerning the Great Alola Pancake Race and means that he take part. Ash agrees and finds his fundamental rival to be the Pancake store proprietor, who has an Alolan Raichu. During the race, Team Rocket, who need the grand prize of a 12 months’s provide of free pancakes, enter each Mimikyu and a mechanical Bewear powered by Meowth and Wobbuffet; Mimikyu is disqualified for utilizing a Pokémon assault in opposition to Pikachu and the mechanical Bewear later self-destructs, and Team Rocket is carried off as soon as once more by the actual Bewear. The Principal’s Komala wins the race on the final second. Later on the Pokémon School, Lillie’s egg begins to hatch!

Pokémon: 20×13
Feb. 02, 2017
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