Pokémon: 19x43

Forming a More Perfect Union!

As the Kalos Gym Leaders try to cease the crystal, Ash and Alan are profitable in saving Harimaron. The Crystal Zygarde continues to be capable of operate with out Harimaron. They notice that Fleur-De-Lis is taking management of the crystal. With no different possibility, Puni-chan and Z-2 be part of types with each Zygarde Cell on the earth to rework into the 100% Zygarde Complete Form. The Zygarde Complete Form is ready to destroy the Crystal Zygarde and kill Fleur-De-Lis in a devastating Core Enforcer transfer. The Zygarde Complete Form repairs the harm attributable to the battle. Puni-chan shares a tearful goodbye with Eureka earlier than returning to the planet with Z-2.

Pokémon: 19×43
Sep. 15, 2016
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