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Thanks for visiting! Running websites is very difficult & with every donation it eases the pressure and allows us to lower the amount of ads we require so everyone in the community can stay happy and ad-free. We host our own anime, which means not only do we have to pay for our web-hosting, domains and obfuscators, we also have servers to pay for. We want to provide the best quality of anime including as much anime we can, and with our current budget, we can only provide what we can afford. Most of our anime are 720/1080p with hundreds more anime to add and your donations will keep us up and running and enabling us to add better quality and even more anime. We are using our real life jobs to fund this and we hope the community can join our side and help us become the best place to watch anime safely.




We have in the works of an INVITE-ONLY website that is completely ad-free. Priority requests, with requested anime and the best quality anime will be uploaded there first. If it’s financially possible, we will also be adding its own server for easy direct streaming & downloading. Once users-registration is implemented, you will also receive a donor badge and ofcourse a special discord role.






Please remember, running anime streaming sites is “frowned upon” so sending by Crypto is very much preferred.



We are not the only Anime site out there, we know that. We welcome any other site that wishes to collaborate and link up whether it be Anime, Hentai or Manga. Some sites offer different qualities or different anime, and if you would like to contribute or offer the community more sources, feel free to message us.




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