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Ahoy Mateys and welcome to HushAnime!  As we all know, running a streaming website isnt very cheap. We cannot make it completely ad-free. The more users, the less ads will appear. Ofcourse, you can always donate coins, but we all know we’re pirates so its very difficult! We do not scrape our anime from any public source(ie. gogo) so request anything and we’ll add it to our database. Requests can be made through our discord. We have sources the best quality anime out there so you just hit the play button and off you go! If there are any issues(subs missing, anime not playing, etc) just let us know on our discord and we’re happy to fix.


Running anime streaming sites is “frowned upon” so sending Crypto is very much preferred.
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These are our buccaneers! Other sites that may have different anime, manga, hentai and others that have joined our ship to give provide you with the very best!







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