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Crunchyroll and AIDIS Releasing of Last Cloudia Game

Crunchyroll Games announced on Thursday that it is partnering with AIDIS for the release of AIDIS’ Last Cloudia role-playing game for iOS and Android devices. The partnership will launch with a collaboration event for Square Enix’s Collection of Mana games from November 26 to December 13.

The strategy-based smartphone role-playing game launched in Japan in April. It then launched in the United States and Canada on October 17. The game is free to play and includes in-app purchases

The in-game Collection of Mana event will feature characters and weapons from Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, and Trials of Mana. Randi, Popoi, and Primm from Secret of Mana will be available as playable characters. Players will be able to unlock weapons or arks for each game in Collection of Mana, and they will also have to defeat enemies from the collection. Additionally, music from the collection will play in Last Cloudia during the event.

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