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7SEEDS Gets Second Season

The Netflix anime 7SEEDS has announced that a second season is in production. A new poster has been released, which shows the Spring, Fall and Winter teams. It looks as if they are all walking towards the future, full of hope. A trailer has also been released which you can watch here:


When a giant meteorite strikes Earth, the 7 Seeds program activates. Five groups of seven people are now the last survivors of humanity.
A girl named Natsu wakes up and is close to the sea. After she was suddenly thrown into the raging waters, she reaches an island together with Arashi, Semimaru, and Botan. An uncivilised jungle spreads over the island. The group is thrown into a world that is full of enormous plants, ferocious animals and insects that are constantly attacking.
A person claiming to be a guide appears and reveals an unbelievable plan. She reveals that young and healthy people were cryonically preserved in order to avoid the extinction of the human race. This plan is called the ‘7SEEDS Plan’. The group is shocked after hearing the guide’s explanation of them being the chosen ones. The chosen people are to live risking their lives while being exposed to a harsh environment in a changed world.

No date has yet been set for release.

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